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Language Adventures is dedicated to providing engaging, stimulating and highly effective world language classes.
Our teachers are native speakers, passionate about teaching, and specially trained to engage students in the target language with games and activities that are so exciting, children don’t even realize they are learning a second language!

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Native-speaking teachers lead our play-based, full-immersion world language classes for kids. Click here to see our current and upcoming class schedules.

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We bring our innovative curriculum and customize it to fit your school’s needs. Our programs can be added right into the school day or offered as an extracurricular enrichment activity.

Get the facts on world language

Learn all there is to know about the many benefits that bilingualism brings to your child’s brain and why it’s so important to get started now.

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Trust us, there are a lot of reasons that every child should start learning a second language

right now!

But if you don’t believe us, and you don’t want to read one of these many articles that use real data and evidence to prove these claims, we’ll keep it short.