World Language Classes at your school

It couldn’t be easier to add a Language Adventures program to your school’s curriculum.

Our native teachers seamlessly integrate themselves into your school’s community and can provide as many classroom hours as your school needs. All they need from you is a place to teach.

World Language Excellence at your School

Our method

Our Adventure-Immersion method uses a hands-on approach to stimulate every part of a child’s brain. We aim to enhance motor skills as well as linguistic skills, and our teachers incorporate movement and physical activity into each lesson. With our variety of immersion activities, from workbooks to relay races and art projects to science experiments, we ensure that our students develop a love for learning and never lose interest in the language.

We carefully plan every session, tailoring the lessons to the development stages of each student in the classroom. This allows us to challenge each child at their own level and maintain high standards of progress.

Here are only a few of the benefits of working with Language Adventures to meet your school’s language learning goals:

Tailored to your school

We bring our innovative curriculum and customize it to fit your school’s needs. Our programs can be added right into the school day or offered as an extracurricular enrichment activity before school, after school, or during lunch. We use a specific method that we adapt to each class’s age range, size, and skill level.

Only the best teachers

All of our teachers are native-speakers with extensive experience in early childhood education. Since our entire team uses Language Adventures’ research-based curriculum, each teacher is able to focus on delivering lessons that meet each child’s needs and result in consistent impressive results.

Helpful support staff

Set up a meeting today with a member of our School Support Team, and we’ll help you determine what kind of program will most benefit your school. Then, we can schedule an in-school demonstration with one of our fantastic teachers, so even before committing to Language Adventures, you’ll be just as confident as we are in our program’s success.

How to Bring Language Adventures to your School.

First step:

Determine what you want for your school.
A full-time, dedicated Foreign Language teacher delivering the Language Adventures curriculum to all of your students?
One hour a week of instruction for each class?
An optional before or after school program, so the language is conveniently available for interested families, even if there isn’t room in the school day?

Second Step:

Get in touch with our School Support Team, who will help finalize a program proposal for your school and match you with the best teacher to suit your needs.

Third Step:

Get to know your new Foreign Language teacher with an in-school demonstration or at your first Language Adventures class!

Final Step:

Watch your students rise above the crowd with improved reading and math scores, higher confidence, and smiles on their faces.